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Peter Proszanski Lawyer TorontoPeter Proszanski, with over 20 years of practical experience,is head of the Real Estate/Corporate Commercial departments of the firm. Mr. Proszanski has a diverse institutional and entrepreneurial client base. His extensive knowledge and understanding of numerous areas of the law reflect his ability to identify and resolve difficult issues creatively and effectively. Mr. Proszanski’s past experience in real property matters includes representing lenders on all aspects of financing transactions, from perfecting security, advising clients regarding provisions of commitment letters, representing borrowers and lenders on major construction loans, to providing advice to risk departments of Schedule II Chartered Banks on their loan documentation and title insurance policy options. Mr. Proszanski has represented clients on countless purchases and sales of commercial properties, as well as participating in development related transactions. Mr. Proszanski also represents a title insurance company has provided advice to several clients who have been victims of title fraud, including highly sophisticated frauds which have the effect of changing control of property ownership without tampering with title.

Mr. Proszanski served as in-house counsel for Coca-Cola Beverages for over 4 years. While at Coca-Cola Beverages, Mr. Proszanski provided legal services at an operational level and was responsible for franchise licensing, management, leasing matters and company acquisitions, and managing outside counsel. His experience at Coca-Cola Beverages has made Mr. Proszanski cognizant of the fact that in-house counsel must constantly ensure that suppliers of legal services deliver such services on a cost effective basis.

Mr. Proszanski and the firm have encouraged its members to apply the skills learned in law to the benefit of the communities within which we live. Mr. Proszanski is actively involved in community endeavours and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Good Shepherd Ministries, an organization providing shelter and food to the homeless in the City of Toronto. Under Mr. Proszanski’s guidance, the firm has provided pro bono legal advice to many charitable institutions, such as the Myelin Project, the HOBY (a youth leadership organization), the Canadian Muslim Association, Canadian Friends of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation Inc., the Church of the Street Connection Inc. and other charitable organizations. Mr. Proszanski has served as a member of the Consent and Capacity Review Tribunal, an administrative tribunal. He is Chairman of the Centurions Cricket Club, the recent Ontario senior cricket champions. Mr. Proszanski has been a member of the Board of Directors of several publicly traded companies.

Mr. Proszanski graduated from the University of Windsor where he concurrently earned his LL.B. and MBA. Mr. Proszanski was called to the Ontario Bar in 1987. Mr. Proszanski earned his undergraduate degree in economics at the University of Western Ontario.

Peter Proszanski
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